Episodes List

EPISODE 19 : Spiritual Warrior

Bring forth positivity in the face of darkness with this meditation. Activate the shining jewel of your heart center Learn […]

EPISODE 18 : Self-Enquiry

Ponder deep questions in this philosophical meditation. Quiet your mind through deep breathing Explore the true nature of your being […]

EPISODE 17: Overcoming Obstacles

Tap into Spirit within you. Learn a Ganesha mantra Release old patterns, traumas, disappointments and heartbreaks Consciously soften around your […]

EPISODE 16 : Love Is A Verb

Open your heart through the power of light and visualization in this meditation. Clear blockages that impede loving fully Release […]

EPISODE 15 : Elemental Purification

Recognize and purify the colorings that cloud your mind in this meditation. Awaken your spine through breath Work with the […]

EPISODE 14 : The Sun in the Heart

Awaken the sun in your own heart and banish all darkness in this guided meditation. Increase life force and charge […]

EPISODE 13 : Bless YOU

Discover the transformative power of blessing your own life in this powerful meditation. Reflect upon an aspect of your life […]

EPISODE 12 : The Swan

Deeply relax in the meditation that is done lying down on your back. Relax all the tension in your body […]

EPISODE 11 : The Light Of Transformation

Connect with the creative force of the universe through this Divine Mother Meditation. Accelerate evolution and personal growth Receive universal […]

EPISODE 10 : Becoming A Transparent Medium

Become a channel for divine light to flow in this meditation inspired by a prayer from Yogananda. Practice deep, conscious […]

EPISODE 9 : The Tower On The Hill

Open and balance the subtle energy centers of your body in this chakra meditation. Awaken the central channel of the […]

EPISODE 8 : The Eye Of The Storm

Find the still, peaceful center of your true self in this meditation that incorporates breath, visualization and mantra. Learn Alternate […]

EPISODE 7 : Four Qualities Of Enlightenment

Discover the infinite compassion, light, love and consciousness within through this guided meditation Inspired by Ram Dass Visualize an enlightened […]

EPISODE 6 : Uniqueness of Heart

Focus the lens of your heart in this meditation inspired by a Dolly Parton quote. Learn about Kriya—the conscious movement […]

EPISODE 5 : The Heart Mind Connection

Align your heart with your mind and experience joy and clarity in this meditation inspired by self-help master, Tony Robbins. […]

EPISODE 4 : Giant Redwood Meditation

Unlock your unlimited potential through this simple, guided meditation. Work with basic mantras or sacred sounds Explore the elemental energies […]

EPISODE 3 : Developing Witness Consciousness

Discover your witness consciousness—the place within you that is always at at peace—in this simple meditation. Learn a simple meditation […]

EPISODE 2 : Breath Gratitude

Breathe your way to peace in this beginning mindfulness meditation. Explore the fundamentals of yogic breathing Discover the function of […]

EPISODE 1 : Introducing ‘The Quest: 10-Minute Yoga Meditations’

Welcome To The Quest: 10 Minute Yoga Meditations. Series Introduction Meet your meditation guide, Eddie Marashian Learn about this style […]